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Driverless Design Event – How to prepare?

Jul/16 By

The Driverless Design officials have created a guide for the DV teams to help you get ready for the event.  (;

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Event Handbook 2019

Jul/8 By

The FS East 2019 Event Handbook is released with all exciting details, like
– the map of the venue
– pit arrangement
– the static events schedule
– on-site registration process & logistics
– general rules of the event site
– technical inspection information
– principles of the static & dynamic events.

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We also created a Logistics infopage, where we collected all important information regarding moving in to the pits and the campsite. You’re also able to reserve a time slot for your team for a smoother registration process.

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Event Schedule 2019

Jul/6 By


Event Schedule is now available under Rules & Important Documents 2019.
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Deep Dive Topic

Jul/4 By

The static team has presented you this year’s Deep Dive Topic, that has to be included in the Business Plan Presentation. We look forward to hear your fancy ideas! (;

The complete DDT is available on our Rules & Important Documents Page.

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Booking available for the FS East Camp

Jun/25 By

The online booking for the FS East Camp has opened, where you’re able to reserve accommodation for your team members – and guests – for nights between 16th and 21st July

Moving in to the campsite starts at 8:00 AM on 16th July and the premises should be left until 12:00 PM on 22nd July. The accommodation costs 13 EUR/person/night including all taxes and fees. The campsite is located at Zalaegerszeg, about 3.5 km from Zala ZONE.

For further information about the FS East Camp, go to our Accommodation page.


In case you have questions or special requests related to the campsite or the booking, contact us at [email protected].

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion