Registration 2024


last updated: 18th June, 14:00

Combustion teams
Combustion vehicles | 18/12 Teams
Country Team name Starter number
ES FSUPV Team 195
IT Firenze Race Team 146
US Bearcat Motorsports 114
US Bronco Motorsports 138
PL Cerber Motorsport 109
PL WUT Racing 113
GR Centaurus Racing Team 177
HU Arrabona Racing Team 179
HU Obuda University Racing Team 121
LV Formula Student Riga TU 128
CZ FS TUL Racing 169
GR Formula Students Technical University Of Crete 108
Electric teams
Electric vehicles | 42/41 Teams
Country Team name Starter number
NL Formula Student Team Delft 285
CH Bern Racing Team 227
DE High Speed Karlsruhe 299
AT Campus Tirol Motorsport 207
CH Akademischer Motorsportverein Zürich 633
CH EPFL Racing Team 212
CA Formule Polytechnique Montréal 281
US Global Formula Racing 211
SI Superior Engineering Formula Student Team 269
PL PUT Motorsport 223
EE FS Team Tallinn 624
TR TU Istanbul Racing 234
AU Monash Motorsport 660
AT TU Graz Racing Team 253
DE Rennstall Esslingen 294
DE e-gnition Hamburg e.V. 678
AT TU Wien Racing 241
DE Strohm und Söhne e.V. 206
DE KA-RaceIng 621
NO Revolve NTNU 663
DE Deefholt Dynamics 222
SE Chalmers Formula Student 603
DE Team wob-racing 235
NO Align Racing 242
DE GET racing Dortmund e.V. 672
DE Aixtreme Racing 273
DE TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. 224
DE Bodensee Racing Team 243
DE Einstein Motorsport 649
SE LiU Formula Student 239
DE FaSTDa Racing 240
DE Formula Student Team Weingarten 260
DE Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V. 276
GR Democritus Racing Team 288
FI Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering 298
DE municHMotorsport e.V. Formula Student/SAE Team c/o Hochschule München 613
DE BRS Motorsport e.V. 245
DE Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. 699
DE Eleven-O-Six Racing Team e.V. 272
DE E-Motion Rennteam Aalen 261
Driverless teams
Driverless vehicles | 24/15 Teams
Country Team name Starter number
NL University Racing EIndhoven 440
DE KA-RaceIng 621
CH Akademischer Motorsportverein Zürich 633
EE FS Team Tallinn 624
AU Monash Motorsport 660
DE e-gnition Hamburg e.V. 678
DE Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V. 459
DE TUfast e.V. – driverless 431
SE Chalmers Formula Student 603
DE Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. 699
NO Revolve NTNU 663
DE municHMotorsport e.V. Formula Student/SAE Team c/o Hochschule München 613
DE Einstein Motorsport 649
DE GET racing Dortmund e.V. 672
HU BME Formula Racing Team 414
Waiting lists
Combustion vehicles waiting
Country Team name Starter number
ES Formula Gades
Electric vehicles waiting
Country Team name Starter number
DE RUB Motorsport
Driverless vehicles waiting
Country Team name Starter number
Out of competition
Teams out of competition
Country Team name Starter number
DE StarkStrom Augsburg e.V.
ID Bimasakti Racing Team
IN Pravega Racing
IT RaceUP Hybrid Padova
ES Málaga Racing Team
ES MAD Formula Team
ES Dynamics UPC Manresa
GR Aristotle Racing Team
ES UPM Racing
CA University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team
CZ eForce Prague Formula
GR Prom Racing
CZ TU Brno racing
PL PWR Racing Team
IN Raftar Formula Racing Electric
IN AXLR8R Formula Racing
IN Team Ojas Racing
GB Southampton University Formula Student Team
BE UGent Racing
ES ISC FS Racing Team
DE E-Team Duisburg-Essen
IN IIT Bombay Racing
IN Team Kratos Racing Electric
DE Elefant Racing e.V.
PT Formula Student FEUP
DE CURE Mannheim e.V.
CA University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team
US Global Formula Racing
GR Aristotle Univercity Racing Team Electric and Driverless
PL PWR Racing Team
TR METU Formula Racing
ES ARUS Andalucía Racing Team
SE KTH Formula Student
BE UGent Racing
ES ARUS Andalucía Racing Team
ES Ü Motorsport
CZ Formula TU Ostrava
FI Tampere Formula Student
RO T.U. Iasi Racing
RO UPT Racing Team
CN Gspeed Formula Racing Team
DE Schanzer Racing
IT DynamisPRC
DE Fast Forest
TW NTHU Racing
DE Team wob-racing
GB Oxford Brookes Racing
IN Orion Racing India
ES Formula Student Vitoria
IN Team Defianz Racing Electric
BE Formula Electric Belgium
TW NTHU Racing
IT Squadra Corse PoliTO
DE Mainfranken Racing e.V.
FR Estaca Formula Team
ES UJI Motorsport FS Team
RU Togliatti Racing Team
PL PGRacing Team
IT Scuderia Tor Vergata
HU BME Motorsport
TR ESTU Racing
DE Seagulls Luebeck
HU KEFO Motorsport
PL PRz Racing Team
ES e-Tech Racing Formula Student Team
GB University of Strathclyde Motorsport
GB UH Racing
DE Bremergy e.V.
DE Ignition Racing Team an der Fachhochschule Osnabrück e. V.
GR Poseidon Racing Team
ES BCNeMotorsport
ES BCNeMotorsport
DE TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V.
DE Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.
IL Ben Gurion Racing
SE Lund Formula Student
ES UPC ecoRacing
DE High-Voltage Motorsports e.V.
DE T.U.C. Racing e.V.
DE Lions Racing Team e.V.
IT Sapienza Corse
DE Dynamics e.V.
DK AAU Racing
RO BlueStreamline
DE DHBW Engineering Stuttgart e.V.
IT UniNa Corse – Squadra Corse Federico II
CH Zurich UAS Racing
DE greenBEAR
DE TUfast e.V. – driverless
PL AGH Racing EV
IL Formula Technion
DE HofSpannung Motorsport e.V.
IT UniBo Motorsport Electric
SE Lund Formula Student
IT E-Agle Trento Racing Team
DE Infinity Racing
DE Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.
DE UMD Racing e.V.
RS Road Arrow
IN Team Fateh
TR YTU Racing
PT Engenius UA Formula Student
DE Race-Ing. Team
ES Formula UEM
ES UCO Autosport
RO UPB Drive
ES UVigo Motorsport
TR Cukurova Racing
UA Formula student ONPU
ID UI Racing Team
TR KOU Formula
CZ CULS Prague formula racing
PK NUST Formula Student Team
IT MoRe Modena Racing Hybrid
FI Formula Student Oulu
PT NOVA Formula Student
GR Pelops Racing Team
GB Cardiff Racing
RU Polytech North Capital Motorsport
DE Scuderia Mensa HS RheinMain Racing
DE Raceyard E
TR METU Formula Racing
DE Team Starcraft
DE E-Traxx Düsseldorf
IT Sapienza Fast Charge
DE Kaiserslautern Racing Team
IT RaceUP Electric Padova
DE UPBracing Team
DE AtheneRacingTeam
IT DynamisPRC
DE Baltic Racing
SI UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering
ES Tecnun eRacing
DE Lions Racing Team e.V.
RU Bauman Racing Team
ES UFV Racing Team
RU UGATU Racing Team
MD Formula Student Team UTM
GB UWE Formula Student
RU VoRTechs FS Team
CH Valais Wallis Racing Team
HU Electric Racing Miskolc
IL Ben Gurion Racing
DE Running Snail Racing Team
GR Perseus Racing
IT Polimarche Racing Team
DE Herkules Racing Team
DE Rennschmiede Pforzheim e.V.
DE T.U.C. Racing e.V.
IT UNIUD E-Racing Team
HR FSB Racing Team
DE HSNR Racing
RO ART TU Cluj-Napoca
DE Fast Forest
DE High-Voltage Motorsports e.V.
CH Zurich UAS Racing
DE Campus Motorsport Hannover
HR FESB Racing
GB University of Glasgow Racing
DE Blue Flash Mobility Concepts
DE LA eRacing e.V.
DE WHZ Racing Team
PL PolSl Racing Team
IT Poliba Corse
AT Joanneum Racing Graz
IT E-Team Squadra Corse
ES UPC ecoRacing
CZ UWB eRacing Team Pilsen
NL HAN Formula Student
IT UniNa Corse – Squadra Corse Federico II
NO ION Racing UiS
SE Clear River Racing
TR KOU Formula E
FR Ecurie Piston Sport Auto
HR Riteh Racing Team
RU Formula MADI
DE DHBW Engineering Stuttgart e.V.
KZ NU Motorsports
DE Racing Power Münster
GR UoP Racing Team
PT LART Formula Student
IS Team Spark
DE CAT-Racing
DE eMotion Racing HRW
BD teamkiloflight
DE greenBEAR
DE Schanzer Racing
TR KOU Racing
DE HorsePower Hannover
NL Green Team Twente
BD Team Crack Platoon
ES FSULL-Dynamics
TW NTURacing
DE Technikum Mittweida Motorsport
KZ N1racing
IN STES Racing
DE Delta Racing
DE OWL Racing-Team
FR Eni Metz Racing Team
CN Aurora Formula E Racing Team
US Zips Racing
GB University of Nottingham Racing
US MRacing – University of Michigan Ann Arbor
IN DJS Racing Electric
IT UniPR Racing Team
DE StarkStrom Augsburg Driverless


Team Registration opens on Friday, 12nd of January 08:00 CET.

The first step of the process is registering your team with a valid team profile on the link that appears below.

- if there’s no profile associated with your team, just go ahead an create it
- if you have a team profile from last year, make sure to log in and update your team data, that’s how you validate it, and sign up for the 2024 season
- if you have a team profile from last year, but unable to access it, you can register a new one and use this exclusively from now on

Only team captains are able to register a team, so please make sure you choose "Captain" in the "Role in your team" field.
You have to fill in all necessary fields for a successful registration.

You have to finish Team Registration until Thursday, 25th January 10:59 CET to be able to participate in the Event Registration.

Register your team now!


Event registration quiz starts on Friday, 26th of January 11:00 CET.

All teams have to complete a quiz during event registration, the results will determine the registration order. The quiz links for each category will appear at 11:00 CET for logged in users only.


For more information about the registration process, check the Competition Handbook:

Rules & Important Documents


Try our dummy quiz page where you can test if your browser is ready for the quiz. If it works for you, you'll be able to pass the live quiz without any problems. (;

Dummy Quiz


According to the region lists, the following teams could reserve a place on the starter and waiting lists of the three categories.

List ABCD – CV:
Race UP Combustion – TOP 3
UniBo Motorsport – TOP 3
Zips Racing – TOP 3
Arrabona Racing Team – TOP HUN

List ABCD – EV:
TU Graz Racing Team – TOP 3
Rennstall Esslingen – TOP 3
e-gnition Hamburg e.V. – TOP 3
BME Formula Racing Team – TOP HUN
Joanneum Racing Graz – TOP Easter
TU Wien Racing – Sportsmanship Award – no registration fee

List ABCD – DV:
Starkstrom Augsburg Driverless – TOP 3
e-gnition Hamburg e.V. – TOP 3
Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V. – TOP 3
BME Formula Racing Team – TOP HUN

Pre-registration is open for teams listed above until 2024-01-25 10:59. To confirm the preregistered status the team must send an email to [email protected] with the subject "TEAM NAME - Pre-registration confirmation" until the deadline. Unless exempt from paying the registration fee, the pre-registration will be accepted if the registration fee is paid until 2024-01-25 23:59.



The list of the registered teams will be published here.

Important Dates

Main dates:  From:  To: 
Team Registration  12nd of January 08:00 CET  25th of January 10:59 CET 
Event Registration Quiz  26th of January 11:00 CET  26th of January 16:59 CET 
 Quiz Protest Period  26th of January 17:00 CET  26th of January 23:59 CET 
Periods  From:  To: 
Event Registration Period 1  26th of January 11:00 CET  28th of January 23:59 CET 
Event Registration Period 2  29th of January 00:00 CET  30st of January 23:59 CET 
Event Registration Period 3  31st of January 00:00 CET  29th of May 19:59 CET 


 The Event Registration Order will be determined by the results of the Event Registration Quiz. 

Each category (CV, EV and DV) will have separate Event Registration Quiz Forms. The Event Registration Quiz Forms will be available at 

After you finish, you must click the “Submit” button at the end of the Event Registration Quiz Form.  

The system will log the timestamp, which will be used to create the registration order. Login time to the Quiz will not be considered. Teams who start the Quiz late will not be compensated with additional time. 

Every wrong answer will add 120 seconds to the registration timestamp.  

Each team will have only one opportunity. 



During the 1st Period teams will compete to get on their own (dedicated) lists. For example an electric team from the Region C will be able to get on the List C - ev. 
If one region’s list gets full, the additional joint lists (List ABCD - cv, List ABCD - ev,  List ABCD - dv) will be filled.
If one of the List ABCD - cv, List ABCD - ev or List ABCD - dv gets full, further teams will get on the waiting lists (Waiting list - cv, Waiting list - ev, Waiting list - dv ).  



From the start of the 2nd period, empty slots of a region will be filled with teams from the waiting list. 



From the start of the 3rd period, the remaining free places of a vehicle category (CV, EV, DV) may be filled on the discretion of the organizers, with Waiting List applicants of the other category. (For example: if there are any free CV places, they may be filled with EV or DV teams, and vice versa.) 

Besides this, in the 3rd period the first 5 CV teams of the Waiting list - cv, the first 9 EV teams of the Waiting list - ev, and the first 6 DV teams of the Waiting list - dv will be asked to pay a part of the registration fee. 

During the season the organizer will handle the documents of the starter and the waiting list teams together. Corrections, e-mailing and documents upload deadline system will be active for all of the teams that are accepted or are in the top teams of the waiting list. 




Teams will have to pay the registration fee, which does not include the lodging fee if a team applies for camping. There is no limit to team size. 

Teams which would like to apply for multiple categories (EV-DV, CV-DV) must pay both of those categories’ complete registration fee. 

Registration fee: 

CV: 2100 EUR + VAT (+27%)
EV: 2250 EUR + VAT (+27%)
DV: 2500 EUR + VAT (+27%)



The first part of the registration fee for the (top 6 combustion, top 8 electric, and top 6 driverless) teams on the waiting list will be 

CV: 600 EUR + VAT (+27%)
EV: 700 EUR + VAT (+27%)
DV: 900 EUR + VAT (+27%)

which also has to be paid within 2 workdays, or you will be moved to the end of the waiting list. 


When they get on the starting list, they will have to pay the rest of the registration fee.  

CV: further 1500 EUR + VAT (27%)
EV: further 1550 EUR + VAT (27%)
DV: further 1600 EUR + VAT (27%)

In case your team does not have a VAT number or is located in Hungary, please transfer the full amount of registration fee including 27% VAT. 


VAT-free payment is only acceptable from the following team:

Teams with a valid EU VAT number (make sure you have filled it correctly in your team profile)

Those teams which are located outside the European Union thus do not have an EU VAT number but do have VAT number and its validity can be proven by sending us a certification electronically, then we can issue the invoice with a net amount of registration fee. Contact your finance department about a certification and send it to us via email with your request for a proforma invoice (if you need a proforma). If your country has a public website which contains authenticated data of organizations/companies and it includes VAT numbers as well, a website link can be sufficient as a certification.


You are able to request a proforma invoice before payment at [email protected]. 

Electronic invoices are issued upon successfully completed payments. 


After the quiz results are fixed, every team on the starter list has 2 workdays to pay the registration fee via bank transfer. A payment receipt document provided by the account holder’s bank should be submitted to [email protected] as a confirmation. Please mind the deadline, that you can be moved to the end of the waiting list due to late payment.  


The Quiz will take place at 11:00 (CET) on the 27th January 2023 on Login information for the Quiz will be automatically set by the data for the teams who registered on Teams can login with the username, password given there. During the Quiz, one team can only be logged in with one account. If the team tries a login from multiple devices at the same time, it will be logged by the system and the team can be disqualified. The submission time of the Quiz will be the system time at the submission regardless of whether or not the team started the Quiz on time. (We cannot give additional time if the team is late from the Quiz.) 


Quiz Completion for Teams Who Participates with One Car in Two Categories

Team shall only be registered once on, and at registration they shall set that they participate with only one car in two categories. These teams shall complete the Quiz in both categories. Both Quiz starts at the same time. Teams will get two login slots on based on their registration on In both categories the team can be logged in by their login data on, the proper category for the Quiz can be selected by the "Driverless" flag at login. Teams who participate with one car in two categories can be logged in from two devices at the same time. One account for DV and one account for EV/CV. If the team is logged in with more than two accounts, or tries to log in with more than one account per category, it will be logged by the system and the team can be disqualified. 


Click for Team Registration


Click for the Quiz

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion