About FS East


In 2018 Formula Student East moves to one of Europe’s most innovative test circuits, the Zalaegerszeg Automotive Proving Ground in Hungary. The 2018 competition is organised on the brand new track between 18th and 22nd of July.

The teams consisting of university students will compete in the static and dynamic events with racecars designed and built entirely by them. From this year FS East opens 3 categories for combustion, electric and driverless teams with separate endurance events and scoring, in compliance with Rules 2018.

The organising team has extended with over 20 new officials (mostly FS Alumni) to integrate the Driverless event and ensure the high technical and professional level of the competition.


Event Schedule 2018


From 2016 Association of Automotive Engineers (previously known as Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Association) organises Formula Student East as an FSAE style engineering competition representing the Eastern European automotive region. The Association is dedicated to focus on the educational function of the event as its mission is to help today’s student generations become the outstanding professionals of tomorrow since it has been established in 2010. The competition also provides the chance for FS teams from the Eastern European region to compete in an international environment by offering half of the slots for them, the other half for teams from all over the world.


After a successful opening season in 2016, FS East has been listed as a World Ranking List Event for the first time in the history of Formula Student competitions.


Top teams of the World Ranking List have registered to the 2017 event, therefore such a tough field competed at FS East that has been unprecedented in Hungary before. As a result, the competitiveness of FS East increased to 0.99, the highest rate in the season.


In 2018 FS East organised separate events for combustion and electric teams for the first time, and opened a new category for driverless vehicles. The event permanently moved to the Zala ZONE Automotive Proving Ground, one of Europe’s most innovative test tracks.

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion