Organising a Formula Student event on a high professional level is a tough job and volunteers have an essential role in making the competition successful. As the event grows continuously, we’re looking for new enthusiasts to join our team for positions in the static, tech, dynamic and event sections as well - as judges, scrutineers, track marshals or event support members.

Teams are arriving to Formula Student East from all over the world to compete with racecars designed and built entirely by university students. This year 84 teams participate in three separate categories - combustion, electric and driverless - on the AVL ZalaZone Automotive Proving Ground in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in an international environment or think about building professional relationships while having fun, the world of Formula Student is a great opportunity for you. Newcomers are welcomed as well as alumni of the FS movement. Basic English knowledge is a must, but you don’t have to be an expert to help the teams. In return for your efforts we provide accommodation, catering, cool FS East uniforms and fun times while you stay with us. (:


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You’re the guy who racks up the millions of views on motorsport compilations to spot who was in the right or wrong? You sent that strongly worded e-mail to a certain M.M. at the end of last November? Then we want you in our track marshal team, to put your eagle eyes to good use, flag down the miscreants and keep FS East running smoothly on the track!

Brake Test Marshal


To finish first, you must first finish – and in Formula Student, to be able to go, you must first be able to stop! Be the first safety gate on track and stop those who cannot stop themselves! All four wheels locked and the car is still straight? Then give the green flag and let them go, go, go!

EBS Test Marshal


Our resident autobots’ brakes gotta work too – and you can be the one to save our world from the occasional Decepticon that slipped through scrutineering! Get the track ready, and all you have to do then is to monitor the check lights as well as the safe stop of our autonomous competitors. Cool, right?

Test Track Marshal


Testing is when limits are pushed – but it is you who holds those limits steady! As our resident Hawkeye, you are in charge of smooth operations in an area where smooth operation is rarely expected. Spot the mechanical issues early, respond accordingly and keep the testing schedule – job done! Make sure that all is safe and in time, and all of our lives will be easier!

Acceleration Marshal


A straight line – how hard can it be? Well, as it turns out, quite hard indeed when a GP Track start-finish straight meets student-built record-holding racecars storming down it like the Flash. Blink and you miss them, so pay close attention, communicate well and respond if something is out of order – then acceleration will not be hard at all!

Skid Pad Marshal


You were the one stopping your friend from wiping out in their MX-5 on icy roundabouts? Good start, as the teams will repeatedly try their luck as Road Runners on our skidpad. See through the maze of cones, keep the running order and get everyone on track in time to be the star skid pad marshal!

Autocross & Endurance & Trackdrive Marshal


This is the big one, the one everybody is waiting for, the Everest of FS East. No mountaineering gear required, here we need your inner fire, attention and own endurance to master this all-important discipline. Skillset required: all of the above. Expectations: extremely high. Chances of mastery: depends entirely upon you 😉 Apply now for the challenge of your summer!

p.s.: Previous experience IS required!

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In the evening, while sipping a glass of prosecco, you wonder how your years of experience could be help youngsters not make the mistakes you’ve made? Your inner Yoda cannot find your Jedi Temple full of padavans? Guide you to thousands, let us! FS East 2024 welcomes you, our resident professional to judge and enrich students’ engineering, manufacturing and business skills in our static disciplines!

Business Plan Presentation Judge


Shark Tank is your passion, investment is your life? ROIs and breakeven points zig-zag through your head day in, day out? Then being on one of our business judge panels FS East 2024 is your destiny! Remember to include our cut, if you bring one of the cool ideas to market and make your first million 😉

Cost and Manufacturing Judge


You pour your eggs in the morning from your own 3D-printed jug into your home-cast skillet, flip them with a custom milled spatula out onto a hand-laminated composite plate with your initials and wash them down with a cup of joe in a stamped mug. If reading that a) entertained you with the thought to repeat it at home b) made you think how much cheaper those tools could be made for each purpose, you’re the one to share your manufacturing knowledge with our teams!

Engineering Design Event Judge


Formula Student is not a motor race. We repeat: FORMULA STUDENT IS NOT A MOTOR RACE. After all, does anybody hand out championship points in Formula 1 for that amazingly well-engineered rear wing that YOU, our dear potential engineering design judge, have developed with utmost care and precision? Well, in Formula Student, emerging engineers have this privilege, and you can be the one to decide their success. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired for a future design? We can’t guarantee that, but we guarantee you’ll be inspired who to hire next. Apply now!

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Mr. Wolf – if you know, you know. If not, watch Pulp Fiction, then you’ll know. Acura NSX not required, but can be a huge advantage. An ability to solve problems left and right is a bigger advantage though. Coffee will be provided – even with lotsa’ sugar, lotsa’ cream.

Ticket Center Assistant


FS East 2024 is the event of the year, of course. This means we need the first faces of our event to be kind and corteous, professional and funny, but most of all very well versed in the English language. After all, playing the same game of Activity with 3000 eager students would get a bit tedious, wouldn’t it?

Event Control Assistant


We do our best to communicate with students as early as possible – but we, too, are humans. And students are students, so no matter how shiny our handbook is, they’ll prioritize building a racecar over reading our materials. Worry not, event control is not only about repeating “Read the handbook, please!”. You’ll have to be our internal Skynet, gathering all information and relaying it to students. Please refrain from gaining self-awareness as an almighty overlord.

Volunteer Helper


If we just hire one person for all these positions on our website, it’s pretty clear we’d need some help managing their daily needs. Well, we plan on hiring way more than that – which is where you’d come in handy! T-shirts, breakfasts, water supply, general substitutions – you’re there to ensure the well-being of our highly focused crew, so that in the end, FS East 2024 is a success. Apply now to care for hundreds!

Static Helper


Our static days are full of knowledge for students, but just as full of people, as hundreds of industry professionals flood the Hungaroring, eager to share their wisdom. To let them focus on this oh-so-important task at hand, you’ll be the know-all-end-all of all things statics. Locations, scoring sheets, t-shirts, lunch times, welcome packages – if you think you can manage all of this, apply now!

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We all have the one friend who points out the issues of our shiny (or not so shiny) new (or not so new) car purchase. You know the one – “brakes are worn” and “oil is leaking” and “there is a rust-eaten hole in the middle of your doorsill”. If you’re this person, then – good news! We have a job for you! A good understanding of vehicle technology and eagle eyes are a must, Formula Student experience is highly advantageous. Detailed scrutineer positions are below!

Mechanical Scrutineer Leader


“Hey Chief!” – if you like the sound of that, that’s the first step to taking over as Mech Scruti Lead. More importantly though – you know the ins and outs of how students try to skimp through tech inspection (hello, zip-ties and duct tape) and you also know how to organize your team to spot possible shortcomings. Apply now below. Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee “Hey Chief” to be institutionalized.

Mechanical Scrutineer


Think of tech inspection as the quality assurance of FS East. However, instead of making sure that a single type of car is up to spec, you’ll be confronted with many, most of the time vastly different interpretations of what the words “safety” and “critical fasteners” mean. It can really open your world to the imaginations of students. But please, do stick with our understanding, as it is naturally the correct understanding. Exciting cars, issues to point out without needing to fix them – what’s not to like about this role? Apply now!

SES & IAD Scrutineer


At Formula Student, instead of Euro NCAP, we have SES – it would be pretty difficult to conduct full-on crash tests with one-off cars meant to race afterwards. You’ll be the high speed cameras and acceleration sensors packed into one, as you’ll judge whether the provided safety documentation and the finished product in front of you bare even a modicum of resemblance. If yes, all is well, if not, you have the power to break all hell loose – that’s nice to hear, isn’t it? Apply now!

Electrical Scrutineer Leader


Sparks were your sign in kindergarten and your first alarm clock was powered by a potato (or even two). Now, you’re not only a master of all circuitry but people and organization as well – and we want you on our team! Apply now to be the overlord of electricity on the FS East grid, and ensure everybody’s safety!

Electrical Scrutineer


For this position, it is a good start if you are convinced that electricity is not a mystery. Wild things can happen when students are mixed with Volts and Coulombs, so watch out when checking their contraptions. Remember: an FS car currently holds the record for 0-60 mph, so there’s a lot at stake here!

Autonomous Scrutineer Leader


Many puns and jokes could be made here again about Autobots and Terminators – maybe we’ll refrain from that. But whatever you’d want to call them, you’ll be in control of them on site, as well as the inspectors of their systems. A variety of checks, online tools, safety systems, redundant protocols – it’s a great time for you to exercise your expertise in these areas, while also managing the workload of a bunch of fellow autonomous enthusiasts. The autonomous class of FS East 2024 is ready to face you, question is – are you read? If yes, apply now immediately!

Autonomous Scrutineer


It’s already on our streets, can’t be avoided – autonomy is on a rise! Expand your horizons in this emerging tech while applying your own knowledge by checking the work of extremely talented students – and the best thing is, you’re the one to keep them under control! Autonomous systems encompass everything from sensors to actuators to emergency system, all of which have to comply with rules and common sense. Apply now to make your summer in 2024 that much more rewarding!

Dynamic Scrutineer


After all has been tackled, all systems checked, even the safety systems have been found compliant – there is still more for the teams to check off! Fluid leaking? No go! Car tipping over? No go! You, your colleagues and your special equipment are the last items in the arduous scrutineering process. As such, you’ll see many cheerful faces and can also be part of the celebration! How good does that sound? Apply now!

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