Get ready for FS East 2021!

Posted by on January 29, 2021

There’s only one week left until we’re opening Event Registration for FS East 2021! We’ve listed a few pointers below to follow for a successful registration process:

1. Get your team profile in order: 

Team Registration starts today at 22:00 CET at

  • If you already have a profile, log in and make sure to update your team information, especially Team Captain contacts and Billing Information.
  • If you’re new to FS East, your Team Captain has to create a new profile.
  • At FS East teams are allowed to participate with the same car in multiple categories (CV-DV and EV-DV). In that case you have to create separate profiles to be able to secure two dedicated slots on the registration list.
  • Team Registration will be closed one hour before the quiz goes live. If you create a profile after 10:00 CET on February 5th, you won’t be able to access the quiz.

IMPORTANT: teams who try to fill out the quiz with different profiles related to the same category are automatically disqualified from the quiz and moved to the end of the waiting list. 

2. Prepare for the quiz:

The FS East Registration Quiz usually includes questions about the rules,  general engineering and business knowledge as well as facts about the FS movement and FS East. We suggest to look into previous years’ rules and events which are available on our Event Archive Page

IMPORTANT: the results are based on the number of right answers AND the time required to finish the quiz. For every wrong answer 120 seconds are added to your time. 

3. Test your browser before the big day:

To prevent any issues during the actual registration, you’re able to test the quiz platform and your credentials on our Dummy Quiz Page. If you have any problems, try a different browser, check your login data or contact us at [email protected]. The actual quiz will be published on a different URL, so after you made sure everything works, don’t open it ever again. (;

4. Go ahead and fill the quiz:

Event Registration starts at 11:00 CET on February 5th at The available slots will be determined based on results of the Quiz. When you’re finished with answering all the questions, click the Submit button and check your result.

5. If you earn a starter position – follow the payment instructions:

The bank account of the organisation have changed since last season. Therefore all Team Captains of the starter teams will be informed directly via e-mail about the banking information and the payment deadlines. Your registration will be final after the payment goes through. Due to the global pandemic our refund policy have been updated. For further information check the Registration Rules

6. If you’re on the waiting list – wait for a slot to open:

Slots of the defined regions and categories are not necessary filled in the 1st phase. We’re going to send out invites for teams on the top of the waiting lists to offer open slots, so the Team Captain should keep an eye on your e-mails. 

We wish you all good luck for the Registration Quiz and hope to see you at FS East 2021! 

Team Registration

Read the Registration Rules

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion