Carnival Square at FS East

Aug/4 By

For 2 years, Formula Student campsites were quiet and empty. Now is the time to bring the spirit back even stronger, and this is your job this year at the FS East Village! A special section of our campsite has been marked, right in front of the main stage, just for you to share your country’s best food or drink and have fun with Formula Student friends that you’ve been missing for so long! This is FS East Camp Carnival Square!

Each team gets a 5 m x 5 m area to set up their station for the entire stay at our campsite. You can pitch a tent, install some funky lighting, bring your grills and your favourite drinks – hospitality is the name of the game! Make sure to dress it up nicely so all the people of the FS East Camp flock to your booth! This is a chance the organizers give you to turn the campsite into a festival in front of the main stage. All we ask is to keep it safe in return – it’s the deal of the century, right?

More info about the setup and exact location will be available!

So in short:

  • 5 m x 5 m area in front of the main stage per team FOR THE ENTIRE COMPETITION!
  • Bring your own generator if you need electricity!
  • Bring food and drinks that you want to share with FS East
  • HAVE FUN! (;

Event Handbook ’21

Jul/29 By

The Event Handbook for FS East 2021 is finally here!

Check out the details about the static and dynamic disciplines and all important info about the main processes of the event. The official Covid-19 regulations of the competition are also available on our Rules&Important Documents page.

Let’s go!

We want to provide you with an excellent event experience after such a long hiatus during the 4 and a half days you spend at FS East 2021. As our time is limited and shorter than expected, we strongly advise you and ask for your cooperation in adhering to the schedule – especially on the exact times of moving out of the pits as well as finishing dynamic disciplines! No car will be allowed to start their run after 17:50! We ask for your cooperation to provide the fairest and smoothest event experience for you and others as well.

To ease scrutineering, two scrutineering steps will be available in the campsite on the 6th of August:

  • Accumulator scrutineering
  • Safety equipment check

Please prepare accordingly and consider this when packing your equipment!

Accommodation Booking is open

Jul/21 By

From now on you’re able to book your accommodation at the FS East Camp through our online form.
The campsite is located at Mogyoród, only 1.2 km from the Hungaroring racetrack.

Nights can be reserved from 6th to 11th August, during this time the campsite will be available for FS East participants and officials exclusively. However if you need to extend your stay in Hungary, two additional days can be booked through our system.

Moving in starts at 9:00 AM on 6th August and the premises should be left until 12:00 PM on 12th August (in case you don’t need the extra nights). Before starting the booking process, please check the Preliminary Schedule and reserve the nights accordingly.

The accommodation costs 13 EUR/person/night+27% VAT.

You can read the additional details on our dedicated page:


In case you have questions or special requests related to the campsite or the booking, contact us at [email protected].

Hello Hungaroring!

Jul/8 By

For a while had to keep some huge announcements regarding FS East 2021 that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Although it brings a lot of changes to several aspects of the competition, we hope you’ll see it as a new and exciting opportunity as we do.

After two successful event seasons at Zala ZONE, Formula Student East relocates to Hungaroring, the venue of the Hungarian Formula-1 Grand Prix events. Due to the change of the event site we had to move the dates as well to 7th-11th August

This decision was necessary in order to organise a safe event for the teams considering the COVID situation and the current regulations.

Event schedule, accommodation booking and all necessary organisational details are coming up in the next weeks!

We can’t wait to meet you at Hungaroring soon!

Alumni Cup at FS East 2021

Mar/12 By

This year FS East is not only open for students, but Formula Student alumni as well. 😉 It’s time to take out your beloved cars (from at least 3 seasons ago) to the track and get ready to race!

At the 2021 Alumni Cup, 5 teams of up to 10 team members are welcome to compete in the dynamic events after a successful scrutineering process of course. If your old crew is up for a comeback and relive the FS memories, apply by sending us a short introduction video about yourselves via e-mail.

For further information, check the Alumni Cup Rules on our Rules & Important Documents page:

Let’s get nostalgic!

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion