Volunteering at FS East 2021

Posted by on March 8, 2021

Volunteer application is now open for the 2021 season. If you’d like to join our team as a judge, scrutineer, track marshal or a member of the event support team, apply on our Volunteer page. (;

I wanna be a part of FS East

This year the hosts over 2100 students of 84 teams as a significant automotive hub of East Central Europe. FS East is a great place to see the latest automotive innovations in action, expand your professional and personal network in a multinational environment and even test your language skills.


Mechanical and Electric Scrutineers are engineers responsible for the technical inspection of the racecars. This includes conducting various tests and checking all parts and details of the cars before letting them out on the track, therefore they have a key role in maintaining a safe competition. If you’re a car enthusiast with a qualification in either field and like to get into the fine technicalities, scrutineering is a perfect fit for you!

During the static events teams have to present their achievements in engineering design, cost analysis and business plan for the appointed judge groups consisting of engineering and economic professionals. If you have experience in business, marketing, controlling or you’re specialised in automotive engineering, electric engineering, manufacturing or development, your expertise is appreciated at FS East.

Track Marshal:
The real action is always at the Dynamic Area, keeping it in order and controlling the actual race are the primary tasks of the Track Marshals. If you’d like to stay close to the most exciting events and ready to learn some new skills related to the world of motorsport, the dynamic team is waiting for you.

Event Support Member:
Organising such a huge event requires a helpful staff with excellent organising, problem solving and people skills. If you’re not really into the tech-focused part of FS East but like to get an impression of how an international competition works or interested in event management, we have various positions for you to fill.


  • accommodation and 3 meals for each day that you work at FS East
  • cool FS East T-shirts
  • car-sharing transport to the venue from Budapest & Győr
  • pre-event training
  • compulsory professional practice certificate (for Hungarian high school students – Track Marshals & Event Support Members)
  • fun times at the campsite

For further details, check our Info Packages or go straight to the application:

Volunteer Info Page

Volunteer Application

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion