33 teams applied for the Alumni Cup 2023!

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The greatest nursing home of 2023 closed its application period and the interest was bigger than ever! 33 teams applied to withdraw from the world and spend one week in the middle of Europe to enjoy the sunshine and relieve their young memories. 😍
The board of the nursing home are currently working really hard to get back to the teams with a feedback, so please be patient and check your window every day because the messenger pigeon can arrive any time! 🐦
Also be sure if you read the rules properly. So put on your reading glasses and have a closer look!

Take me to the rules!

FSG ID & Quiz

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To be able to submit your technical documents for FS East, you need to create a team profile for FS Germany and participate in the FSG 2023 quiz.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to place on the starter list of FSG 2023! This means that if you are not planning to participate at FSG 2023, it is irrelevant, how you place on the quiz, but you must complete the quiz to be able to submit technical documents for FS East 2023.

For more information on the FSG 2023 quiz, check DE2 of the FSG Competition Handbook.

Quiz Process

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The Quiz will take place at 11:00 (CET) on the 27th January 2023 on https://quiz.fseast.eu. Login information for the Quiz will be automatically set by the data for the teams who registered on https://login.fseast.eu. Teams can login with the username, password given there. During the Quiz, one team can only be logged in with one account. If the team tries a login from multiple devices at the same time, it will be logged by the system and the team can be disqualified. The submission time of the Quiz will be the system time at the submission regardless of whether or not the team started the Quiz on time. (We cannot give additional time if the team is late from the Quiz.) 


Quiz Completion for Teams Who Participates with One Car in Two Categories 

Team shall only be registered once on https://login.fseast.eu, and at registration they shall set that they participate with only one car in two categories. These teams shall complete the Quiz in both categories. Both Quiz starts at the same time. Teams will get two login slots on https://quiz.fseast.eu based on their registration on https://login.fseast.eu. In both categories the team can be logged in by their login data on https://login.fseast.eu, the proper category for the Quiz can be selected by the “Driverless” flag at login. Teams who participate with one car in two categories can be logged in from two devices at the same time. One account for DV and one account for EV/CV. If the team is logged in with more than two accounts, or tries to log in with more than one account per category, it will be logged by the system and the team can be disqualified. 

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The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion