Event registration for FS East 2018

Posted by on January 22, 2018

Event Registration is right around a corner, so we collected all information you need to know to be prepared for the challenge. 

In 2018 FS East opens slots for 30 combustion 20 electric and 10 driverless teams, while the organisers will handle the documents of maximum 8 combustion 4 electric and 2 driverless waiting list teams. After the pre-registration of the invited teams, we have 28 combustion, 15 electric and 10 driverless slots available.

Not registered yet?

Hopefully you’ve already created your team’s profile  - or even two or three of them in case you’d like to compete in more categories -, if it’s still ahead of you, click below to start.

Register a team account

Event registration Period 1 opens on Monday, 22nd of January 17:00 CET.

The link of the Registration Quiz will be published on our Registration page before we open the Event Registration. You'll have to log in with your username and password that you received via e-mail after team registration to access the quiz. The questions will appear on this page at 17:00 CET. 

There'll be separate Registration Quiz Forms for IC, EV and DV teams - the page automatically loads the questions based on the category you've chosen when creating your account. All questions will appear together and have to be submitted together at the end of the quiz.

We also created a dummy quiz page where you can test if your browser is ready to pass the quiz. Feel free to check the dummy quiz on this link. If it works for you, you'll be able to pass the live quiz without any problems.

The registration order will be determined based on the number of right answers and the time of finishing the quiz. There will be single and multiple choice questions. Please note that if you don't answer a question correctly we add an extra 90 seconds to your time, so choose your strategy wisely! (; In case of multiple choice questions we add the 90 seconds only once, not for every wrong choice!  
Your event registration will be complete after you submit your quiz and see your team on the quiz page order.

You have to choose a car number for your team right after you're finished with the quiz. If you might choose a number which is already taken by another team, the system will automatically ask you for a new one. The numbers can be chosen in first come first serve order.

The registration results will be published later on Monday.

Time left until event registration

IMPORTANT: We close team registration one hour before the Registration Quiz starts.  Please make sure you have a valid team profile until 22nd of January 16:00 CET.

What happens after that?

After the publishing of the registration results, teams with a starter position have 2 days to pay the registration fee either via PayPal or bank transfer. The PayPal payment function will be available on the Payment page of the website that we activate after the results are out. Teams who transfer us the registration fee must submit a payment confirmation to [email protected].

In case the payment is not completed within 2 days, the team will be moved to the end of the waiting list. The first team on the related waiting list will be invited to its place. 

We’re going to fill up the empty slots from the waiting list teams in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th period of the event registration.

Opportunity for waiting list teams

Event registration Period 4 is an opportunity for the top waiting list teams to have their documents checked along with the starter teams to avoid penalty points due to late submission if they get a starter position later. In the 4th period the first 8 combustion engined teams of the Waiting list - cv, the first 4 electric teams of the Waiting list - ev, and the first 2 electric teams of the Waiting list - dv will be asked to pay a part of the registration fee. During the season the organiser will handle the documents of the starter and the waiting list teams together. The first part of the registration fee for the (top 8 combustion, 4 electric, and 2 driverless) teams on the waiting list will be 300 EUR + VAT, which also has to be paid within 2 days, or you will be moved to the end of the waiting list. When they get on the starting list, they will have to pay further 800 EUR + VAT as the rest of the registration fee. These payments also have to be done via PayPal or bank transfer.

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion