Booking available for the FS East Camp

Jun/25 By

The online booking for the FS East Camp has opened, where you’re able to reserve accommodation for your team members – and guests – for nights between 16th and 21st July

Moving in to the campsite starts at 8:00 AM on 16th July and the premises should be left until 12:00 PM on 22nd July. The accommodation costs 13 EUR/person/night including all taxes and fees. The campsite is located at Zalaegerszeg, about 3.5 km from Zala ZONE.

For further information about the FS East Camp, go to our Accommodation page.


In case you have questions or special requests related to the campsite or the booking, contact us at [email protected].

FS East 2019 Rules Publication & Deadlines

Apr/4 By

The complete FS East Rules for the 2019 season is now available on our Rules & Important Documents page, including the following sections:

  • General Rules
  • Documentation Rules
  • Technical Rules
  • Static Event Rules
  • Dynamic Event Rules

You’ll be able to find all referred templates on this page as well.

The first deadline for uploading documents is April 29th, 2019 23:59 CEST:

  • Electronic Throttle Control – System Description (CV and CV DV with ETC)
  • Team Member Designation & Health Insurance Certificate
  • Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet 
  • Structural Equivalency 3D model
  • Impact Attenuator Data

Please note that from this season the Team Member Designation spreadsheet will be replaced with registering at, all team members have to create an account in order to attend the competition. 

Check the rules!

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion