Event registration – Period 1 preliminary results

Event registration Period 1

Posted by on January 18, 2017

In 2017 we announced 40 combustion and 20 electric slots for teams from all over the world.
Overall 119 teams have participated in the event registration process.
You’ve actually doubled our expectations, thank you for your enthusiasm! (:

The top teams of FS East 2016 – CAT-Racing (DE), High Octane Motorsports e.V. (DE) and BME Formula Racing Team (HU)- have been invited to join us again due to their great performance.
Another 116 teams have completed the quiz successfully.

The Eastern part of Europe was represented by 37 teams, registering from Russia (9), Greece (5), Czech Republic (4), Hungary (3), Poland (4), Croatia (3), Romania (2), Ukraine (2) Estonia (1), Serbia (1), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (1) and Turkey (1).

The quiz was submitted by 42 teams from Germany, while 9 registrations came from Italy and 4 from Spain. We have also got participants from Finland (3), France (3), Austria (2), Switzerland (2), the United Kingdom (2), Belgium (1), Netherlands (1) and Norway (1).

An additional 9 teams have registered from out of Europe, from India (5), Israel (2), Canada (1) and the United States (1).

As for the categories, 77 combustion and 42 electric teams have registered to compete at FS East 2017.

Welcome to FS East guys! You’ve been great with solving the quiz. (:


The results below reflect the current status of the registration – 18th January, 2017 19:45 CET.
THIS TABLE WON’T BE UPDATED AFTERWARDS! The actual registration list is available on our
Registered teams page, that we’re updating when any changes occur.

Region A starter list

Definition of region A: Countries of the following list: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
A1cs KA-RaceIng  combustion starter DE  
A2cs TUfast Racing Team Comustion  combustion starter DE  
A3cs FSUPV Team  combustion starter ES  
A4cs Southampton University Formula Student Team  combustion starter GB  
A5cs Formula Student Team Weingarten  combustion starter DE  
A6cs Race UP Combustion  combustion starter IT  
A7cs HTW Berlin Motorsport  combustion starter DE  
A8cs UJI Motorsport FS Team  combustion starter ES  
A9cs Akademische Motorsportgruppe Darmstadt e.V.  combustion starter DE  
A10cs Herkules Racing Team  combustion starter DE  
A11cs Formula Student Oulu  combustion starter FI  
A12cs UMD Racing  combustion starter DE  
A13cs RUB Motorsport  combustion starter DE  
A14cs UPM Racing  combustion starter ES  
A1es Metropolia Motorsport  electric starter FI  
A2es KA-RaceIng e.V.  electric starter DE  
A3es eMotorsports Cologne  electric starter DE  
A4es AMZ Racing Team  electric starter CH  
A5es e-gnition Hamburg  electric starter DE  
A6es TUfast Racing Team e-Technology  electric starter DE  
A7es Formula Student Team Delft  electric starter NL  

Region B starter list

Definition of region B: Countries in standard time zones from -1 to -12 (international date line).

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
B1cs RIT Racing  combustion starter US  
B2cs    combustion starter    
B1es    electric starter    

Region C starter list

Definition of region C: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
C1cs Arrabona Racing Team  combustion starter HU  
C2cs KEFO Motorsport  combustion starter HU  
C3cs YTU Racing  combustion starter TR  
C4cs TU Brno Racing  combustion starter CZ  
C5cs Formula TU Ostrava  combustion starter CZ  
C6cs Road Arrow  combustion starter RS  
C7cs Centaurus Racing Team  combustion starter GR  
C8cs Polytech North Capital Motorsport  combustion starter RU  
C9cs Formula Dream Russia Moscow  combustion starter RU  
C10cs Prom Racing  combustion starter GR  
C11cs UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering  combustion starter SI  
C12cs AGH Racing Team  combustion starter PL  
C13cs CTU CarTech  combustion starter CZ  
C14cs FSB Racing Team  combustion starter HR  
C1es UoP Racing Team  electric starter GR  
C2es eForce FEE Prague Formula  electric starter CZ  
C3es Aristotle University Racing Team Electric – Aristurtle  electric starter GR  
C4es STUBA Green Team  electric starter SK  
C5es FS Team Tallinn  electric starter EE  
C6es Formula Electric MADI  electric starter RU  
C7es    electric starter    

Region D starter list

Definition of region D: Countries in standard time zones from 0 to +12 (international date line), except countries of region A and C.

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
D1cs Formula Technion  combustion starter IL  
D2cs BGR  combustion starter IL  
D1es Adhira racing  electric starter IN  

ABCD starter list

An additional joint list from list A, B, C and D.

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
ABCD1cs CAT – Racing  combustion starter – prereg DE  
ABCD2cs High Octane Motorsport e.V.  combustion starter – prereg DE  
ABCD3cs Ecurie Piston Sport Auto  combustion starter FR  
ABCD4cs HAWKS Racing e. V.  combustion starter DE  
ABCD5cs Rennstall Esslingen  combustion starter DE  
ABCD6cs Baltic Racing  combustion starter DE  
ABCD7cs Rennteam Uni Stuttgart  combustion starter DE  
ABCD8cs UniBo Motorsport  combustion starter IT  
ABCD1es BME Formula Racing Team  electric starter – prereg HU  
ABCD2es TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V.  electric starter DE  
ABCD3es Team Starcraft e.V.  electric starter DE  
ABCD4es TUW Racing – Rennteam der TU Wien  electric starter AT  

Global waiting list

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list
W1cw FaSTTUBe  combustion waiting DE  
W2cw Sapienza Corse  combustion waiting IT  
W3cw ATHENE RacingTeam e.V.  combustion waiting DE  
W4cw UPBracing Team e.V.  combustion waiting DE  
W5cw FaSTDa Racing  combustion waiting DE  
W6cw Raftar Formula Racing  combustion waiting IN  
W7cw OWL Racing-Team  combustion waiting DE  
W8cw Scuderia Tor Vergata  combustion waiting IT  
W9cw Tampere UAS Motorsport  combustion waiting FI  
W10cw VULKAN MOTORSPORTS  combustion waiting IN  
W11cw Metz Racing Team  combustion waiting FR  
W12cw UniPR Racing team  combustion waiting IT  
W13cw FSRUDN  combustion waiting RU  
W14cw WUT Racing Team  combustion waiting PL  
W15cw PolSl Racing  combustion waiting PL  
W16cw TEIWM Racing Team  combustion waiting GR  
W17cw Fesb racing team  combustion waiting HR  
W18cw Riteh Racing Team  combustion waiting HR  
W19cw Vulkan Motorsports  combustion waiting IN  
W20cw FS_USURT  combustion waiting RU  
W21cw UdG Racing Team  combustion waiting ES  
W22cw Campus Motorsport Hannover  combustion waiting DE  
W23cw Togliatti Racing Team  combustion waiting RU  
W24cw OS.Car Racing Team  combustion waiting AT  
W25cw DynamisPRC  combustion waiting IT  
W26cw Formula Racing Miskolc  combustion waiting HU  
W27cw SHUKHOV RACING TEAM  combustion waiting RU  
W28cw UniBS Motorsport  combustion waiting IT  
W29cw Team Hare  combustion waiting GB  
W30cw PGRacing Team  combustion waiting PL  
W31cw T.U.Iasi Racing Team  combustion waiting RO  
W32cw UPT Racing Team  combustion waiting RO  
W33cw Pegasus Racing  combustion waiting IN  
W34cw Formula Student MADI  combustion waiting RU  
W35cw AMIGO Team  combustion waiting RU  
W36cw FS KPI  combustion waiting UA  
W37cw Formula Student ONPU  combustion waiting UA  
W38cw Orion Racing India  combustion waiting IN  
W1ew Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W2ew Lions Racing Team e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W3ew GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W4ew Deefholt Dynamics  electric waiting DE  
W5ew Delta Racing Mannheim  electric waiting DE  
W6ew Running Snail Racing Team  electric waiting DE  
W7ew Fast Charge  electric waiting IT  
W8ew Formula Electric Belgium  electric waiting BE  
W9ew Racetech Racing Team  electric waiting DE  
W10ew HorsePower Hannover  electric waiting DE  
W11ew s3racing  electric waiting DE  
W12ew Revolve NTNU  electric waiting NO  
W13ew Green Voltage Racing e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W14ew E-Team Duisburg-Essen e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W15ew StarkStrom Augsburg e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W16ew Bern Formula Student  electric waiting CH  
W17ew Kaiserslautern Racing Team – KaRaT  electric waiting DE  
W18ew Strohm + Söhne e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W19ew WHZ Racing Team  electric waiting DE  
W20ew Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W21ew RaceUP Electric  electric waiting IT  
W22ew HofSpannung Motorsport e.V.  electric waiting DE  
W23ew Bremergy  electric waiting DE  
W24ew EstaCars  electric waiting FR  

The remaining open slots on List B-c, List B-e and List C-e could be filled by teams from region B and C until 21st of January 23:59:59 CET. After that the top teams on List W-c and List W-e will earn these starter slots.

The positions will finalise only after the teams confirm their intent of participation, therefore waiting list teams have the opportunity to get in in the next couple of weeks. (:

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion