Document upload section is online!

Document upload section is online

Posted by on May 17, 2016

Dear Teams,

The document upload section is online. You don’t have to do anything else than look up our upload section 😉
You will be redirected to a dedicated doc upload page where you have to log in with your team credentials to start the doc upload.
If you may forgot your credentials, then you can request for a lost password change here.

In case you have questions regarding the document upload, we gathered some useful tips below about the documents:

For the health insurance certificate we are waiting scanned documents. We prefer the EU health insurance cards, but if anyone has his/her own insurance for abroad journeys then it will be totally fine.
We are only requesting these documents if any of you get injured during the event then a scanned copy will be with us, so if you may forgot your papers home, then you can still them with you 🙂

For team member designation we are waiting a regular excell file with the position of the members and some regular contact informations – and for any other members who bring with yourself for the team.
You need to add the following fields: team member’s name, position in the team, email address, cell phone number, in case of emergency phone number and birthday.
If you can not upload the final version of your team member designation until the deadline then please include your present members, and if any changes occur, please let us know. For new members your team member designation and health insurance certificate documents has to be updated before the event. 

You can find a pre-made excel spreadsheet below, which you can fill for team member designation. If you made your document with the fields mentioned above, then it is also fine.

Excel template for team member designation

If you may need any further informations regarding the document upload section feel free to contact us at [email protected]

UPDATE: We noticed that the BLC task is still active in the document upload page, so you may have got some extra – false – penalty points for not uploading the Business Logic Case documents. The false points will be deducted from your points after the review of the BLC documents. FS East | 17th May, 2016 at 20:08 CEST

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