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Upcoming deadlines:


April 6th, 2018, 23:59 CEST

  • Electronic Throttle Control - System Description - CV and CV DV teams
  • Team Member Designation and Health Insurance Certificate - all teams
  • Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) - all teams
  • Structural Equivalency 3D model (SE3D) - all teams
  • Impact Attenuator Data (IAD) - all teams
  • Electrical Systems Form (ESF) - EV and EV DV teams
  • Electric System Officer(s) Form - EV and EV DV teams


April 23th, 2018, 23:59 CEST

  • Autonomous Safety Form (ASF) - DV teams
  • Autonomous System Responsible(s) Form - DV teams


May 25th, 2018, 23:59 CEST

  • Engineering Design Report and Design Spec Sheet - all teams
  • Autonomous Design Report - DV teams
  • Executive Summary - Electronic Copy - all teams


June 29th, 2018, 23:59 CEST

  • Cost Report Documents - Electronic Copy - all teams


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