FS East Registration Guide

Feb/1 By

Event registration for the very first Formula Student East competition opens 2nd February, at 12:00 CET! The masters of questions have already set up some challenges for you and keep the quizzes under lock and key. Of course we can’t give you any hint about the questions, but we do want to help you with a little guide to make registration as smooth as possible for your team.

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Event Registration dates

Jan/29 By

Just a quick reminder of the most important dates you need to know to prepare for registration:

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Team registration is open!

Jan/26 By

We opened team registration for FS East 2016! Check out the link below and create your team profile 😉 Fill in all the required fields and get ready for the first login 😉

I’m ready to rumble!

FS East location confirmed!

Jan/20 By

The Harbor of Győr-Gönyű welcomes our event in 2016! Click to check the map 😉

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Jan/16 By

If you live in the virtual world, join us too! We already have twitter, facebook and google+ pages for the main content, and we also launched an official instagram account to share our best moments with you 😉 Just scroll to the bottom, and like, plus, follow and so on!

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion