Rules and Important documents

On this page you will find all the necessary rulesets and documents regarding the event.
We always publish them on the news section as well, but the latest versions of the documents are uploaded to this page. Make sure you have an updated version of the documents at all times.

Data Logger Specification


FS East is going to use the self developed data logger for the 2018 event. You can find the specification below.

Data Logger  Specification

FS East Data Logger  Information pack

Electrical System Form (ESF) and Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) form

All electric teams must submit an Electrical System Form.
A template of this form can be downloaded from the button below.

Download Word template for ESF


Download Word template for ESO

Autonomous Safety Form (ASF) and Autonomous System Responsible(s) Form (ASR form)

All electric teams must submit an Autonomous Safety Form.
A template of this form can be downloaded from the button below.

Download Word template for ASF


Download Word template for ASR

Design Spec Sheet (DSS)


All teams must submit a Design Spec Sheet in a single Adobe Acrobat® (*.pdf) file. The template must not be altered or reformatted!

Design Spec Sheet

Deep Dive Topic


All teams receive the same specific Deep Dive Topic which has to be part of the ten minute Business Plan presentation.

Deep Dive Topic

Team Member Designation & Health Insurance Certificate


For the health insurance certificate we need scanned documents. We prefer the EU health insurance cards, but if anyone has his/her own insurance for abroad journeys then it will be totally fine.
We are only requesting these documents to be prepared in case any of you get injured during the event. A scanned copy of your papers will be with us even if you might forget to bring them to FS East. 🙂


For the team member designation we need a regular Excel file with the names and positions of the members with some regular contact information as well as the contacts of the additional members who might come with the team.
You need to fill out the following fields: team member’s name, position in the team, email address, cell phone number, in case of emergency phone number and birthday.
If you can not upload the final version of your team member designation until the deadline then please include your present members and if any changes occur, please let us know.
In case you add new members, your team member designation and health insurance certificate documents must be updated before the event. 

You can find a pre-made excel spreadsheet below, which you can fill for team member designation. If you made your document with the fields mentioned above, then it is also fine.

Download Excel template for TMD

Registration & Campsite


The Standard Terms Document should be read and signed by all participating team members. A printed version is required to submit during Team Registration at the event site.

Standard Terms Document


Please make sure to read the FS East Village rules before checking-in to the campsite. By entering the premises of the Village you declare that you accept and follow the rules during your stay.

FS East Village Rules

What if..?

If you may have difficulties with uploading the documents or verifying your account until the deadline, send us your documents via mail to [email protected] with subject:

Document upload session #2 - *Team name* - *Combustion/Electric*

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion