AVL AUTÓKUT Engineering Ltd.

AVL AUTÓKUT Engineering Ltd. is the Engine and Powertrain Development Tech Center of AVL in Budapest. The Tech Center is experienced in design, analysis, engine development on test beds and durability testing, as well as software development for engine and powertrain applications. The engineers and facilities available in Budapest carry out projects for the worldwide customer base of AVL.



High quality content for industry:
- Turn-key project development, technological installations, AC, ventillation, heating, water supply
- Structural engineering, special transportation & storage containers for the automotive industry
- Installation, maintenance and certification of industrial cranes
- Real estate development, facility management, warehouse rental


National Instruments

NI accelerates engineering success by providing you with an open, software-centric platform that takes advantage of modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem.

national instruments



AeroMetal was founded in 1991, right after the MÉM aero ceased. AeroMetal is specialized in plane engine repairment and supporting this, in galvanising service. In the last years AeroMetal was focusing on developing the galvanising procedures.


The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion