Special awards

FS East 2017 - Special awards

The special awards of the 2017 event will be published on this site. Special awards are usually offered by the sponsors for teams who could achieve something extraordinary on a designated field related to the competition. The awards will be handed out during the awards ceremony on the last day of the event by the representatives of the sponsors.

Special awards in 2016


FS East Image Documentary Special Award by EAHE Association

We would like to get to know your team a bit better and get familiar with your daily tasks. We encourage you to send us pictures of your life, and show us how you work on the car or on your static tasks during the season. We would like to share your thoughts and moments on our page, so the teams could get to know each other better by the time the event begins.

Team History Special Award

The Team History Special Award is an exhibition street at the event site to present your team’s history from the very beginnings until today. The teams could exhibit their previous milestones, images, car parts, event relics form previous events or even previously developed cars on the “street”.

Are you a sponsor?

If you wish to reward the teams’ special efforts at FS East, feel free to contact us about sponsorship details and special award opportunities.
We could also give you some ideas for you if you wish to support them directly.


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The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion