Special awards

The special awards of the 2019 event will be published on this site. Special awards are usually offered by the sponsors for teams who could achieve something extraordinary on a designated field related to the competition. The awards will be handed out during the awards ceremony on the last day of the event by the representatives of the sponsors.

Special awards in 2019

MVM Special Award
Most Innovative Self-made Electric Drivetrain Special Award

During the Engineering Design Event the Electric Powertrain Judges of FS East will pay particular attention to the teams' self-made Electric Powertrain solutions, including motor controller electronics, electric motors, battery packs and control softwares. The most innovative self-made solution will be rewarded with MVM's special award.

WINNER: GreenTeam Electric

JUSTIFICATION: This team has made a big step forward with their self-made electric motors and unique accumulator cooling-system. Their deep understanding, proper vision of development opportunities and innovative, high-quality technical solutions in design and manufacturing entitles them for this special award.

Ministry for Innovation and Technology
Most Innovative Eastern Formula Student Vehicle Special Award

Engineering Design Judges will search for outstanding solutions in racecar design as well and choose one of them as the most innovative vehicle of FS East. Teams from the Eastern region (Region C and D defined by the FS East 2019 Registration Rules) from all three categories (CV, EV, DV) have the chance to win this special award provided by Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

WINNER: Prom Racing

JUSTIFICATION: This team used innovative ideas to overcome their financial limitations and lack of manufacturing possibilities. They took the hard way and put a lot of effort into their design to develop parts and systems that they can manufacture and build in-house. Their biggest achievements are their own telemetry system, electrically actuated gearbox and their first CFRP monocoque.

Ministry for Innovation and Technology
Fastest Driverless Car of FS East Special Award

Driverless cars’ performance will be tracked and evaluated based on a special formula. The team with an outstanding pace and performance in the dynamic events will be presented as the Fastest Driverless Car of FS East Award by Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

WINNER: AMZ driverless

JUSTIFICATION: This team is named the Fastest Driverless Car of FS East 2019 thanks to their outstanding performance in all Driverless Dynamic Events, especially during their initial lap on the autocross, when they were driving on an undiscovered track, relying only on the real-time vision data, without any previously recorded information.




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