Registered teams 2018


According to the region lists, the following teams could reserve a place on the starter and waiting list. 
The following lists are NOT automatically updated. The tables were last refreshed on 17th April, 2018 at 14:57 CET.

Starter list A

Region A starter list

Definition of region A: Countries of the following list: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
A1cs KA-RaceIng combustion starter DE    9
A2cs Formula Student Team Weingarten combustion starter DE    60
A3cs UniBo Motorsport combustion starter IT    88
A4cs Sapienza Corse combustion starter IT    19
A5cs UPBracing Team e.V. combustion starter DE    58
A6cs High-Octane Motorsports e.V. combustion starter DE    49
A7cs SUFST combustion starter GB    25
A8cs municHMotorsport combustion starter DE    13
A9cs FaSTTUBe combustion starter DE W1cw  113
A11cs LUMotorsport combustion starter GB W3cw  118
A12cs Lund Formula Student combustion starter SE W4cw  6
A13cs MoRe Modena Racing combustion starter IT W14cw  37

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
A1es ETSEIB MOTORSPORT electric starter ES    54
A2es DART Electric electric starter DE    42
A3es HorsePower Hannover electric starter DE    17
A4es Metropolia Motorsport electric starter FI    98
A5es Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. electric starter DE    99
A6es Delta Racing Mannheim electric starter DE    168
A7es Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V. electric starter DE    76
A8es University Racing Eindhoven electric starter NL    40

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
A1ds TUfast driverless driverless starter DE    131
A2ds KA-RaceIng driverless starter DE    28
A3ds Revolve NTNU Driverless driverless starter NO    463
Starter list B

Region B starter list

Definition of region B: Countries in standard time zones from -1 to -12 (international date line).

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
B1cs FSUPV Team combustion starter ES W11cw  95
B2cs Team Bath Racing combustion starter GB W1cw  3

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
B1es Formule SAE de l’Université Laval electric starter CA    84

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
B1ds TU Darmstadt Racing Team driverless starter DE    77
Starter list C

Region C starter list

Definition of region C: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
C1cs Arrabona Racing Team combustion starter HU    79
C2cs Cerber Motorsport combustion starter PL    105
C3cs Prom Racing combustion starter GR    24
C4cs YTU RACING combustion starter TR    34
C5cs Aristotle Racing Team (ART) combustion starter GR    112
C6cs PUT Motorsport combustion starter PL    218
C7cs TU BRNO RACING combustion starter CZ    74
C8cs UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering combustion starter SI    235
C9cs RITEH RACING TEAM combustion starter HR    51
C10cs CTU CarTech combustion starter CZ   21
C11cs Formula Racing Miskolc combustion starter HU    16
C12cs STES’s STALLION MOTORSPORT combustion starter IN W7cw  56

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
C1es eForce FEE Prague Formula electric starter CZ    67
C2es UoP Racing electric starter GR    86
C3es Aristotle University Racing Team Electric – Aristurtle electric starter GR    11
C4es STUBA Green Team electric starter SK    90
C5es Superior Engineering electric starter SI    91
C6es AGH Racing Electric electric starter PL    103

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
C1ds BME FRT Driverless driverless starter HU    114
C2ds BeElectric driverless starter TR    200
C3ds UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering DV driverless starter SI    435
Starter list D

Region D starter list

Definition of region D: Countries in standard time zones from 0 to +12 (international date line), except countries of region A and C.

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
D1cs Orion Racing India combustion starter IN    69
D2cs Rennschmiede Pforzheim combustion starter DE W13cw  179

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
D1es DJS Thunderbolt electric starter IN    81

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
D1ds Formula Student Team Weingarten Driverless driverless starter DE W1dw  560
Starter list ABCD

ABCD starter list

An additional joint lists from list A, B, C and D.

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
ABCD1cs  Rennteam Uni Stuttgart combustion starter DE  prereg  1
ABCD2cs  CAT-Racing combustion starter DE  prereg  70

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
ABCD1es  Formula Student Team Delft electric starter  NL  prereg  85
ABCD2es  KA-RaceIng electric starter  DE  prereg  18
ABCD3es  GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V. electric starter  DE  prereg  26
ABCD4es  FS Team Tallinn electric starter  EE  prereg  7
ABCD5es  BME Formula Racing Team electric starter  HU  prereg  14

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
ABCD1ds e-gnition driverless driverless starter DE    478
ABCD2ds HTW Berlin Motorsport driverless starter DE W1dw  538
Waiting list

Global waiting list

Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
W1cw ATHENE RacingTeam combustion waiting DE waiting-confirmed  72
W2cw SHUKHOV RACING TEAM combustion waiting RU waiting-confirmed  80
W3cw TauRD combustion waiting IL waiting-confirmed  15
W4cw MetzRacingTeam combustion waiting FR    
W5cw AUMotorsports combustion waiting EG    
W6cw Jayhawk Motorsports combustion waiting US    
W7cw Baltic Racing combustion waiting DE    
W8cw FS ONPU combustion waiting UA    
W9cw FS TUL Racing combustion waiting CZ    
W10cw Formula Student MADI combustion waiting RU    
W11cw UniPR Racing Team combustion waiting IT    
W12cw Tampere UAS Motorsport combustion waiting FI    
W13cw Team Octane Racing combustion waiting IN    
W14cw Bauman Racing combustion waiting RU    
W15cw Hanze Racing Division combustion waiting NL    
W16cw FS USURT combustion waiting RU    
W17cw PGRacing Team combustion waiting PL    
W18cw Togliatti Racing Team combustion waiting RU    
W19cw FS RUDN combustion waiting RU    
W20cw Racing Team Pilsen combustion waiting CZ    
W21cw Polytech North Capital Motorsport combustion waiting RU    
W22cw Neftegaz Engineering combustion waiting RU    
W23cw SP/ACE combustion waiting RU    
W24cw Formula UC3M combustion waiting ES    
W25cw Clear River Racing combustion waiting SE    
W26cw FSRacing Team combustion waiting BA    
W27cw STES Racing combustion waiting IN    
W28cw ISAT Formula Team combustion waiting FR    
W29cw PRz Racing Team combustion waiting PL    
W30cw Rhein Mosel Motorsport combustion waiting DE    
W31cw AM Team combustion waiting SK    
W32cw GET racing Dortmund e.V. combustion waiting DE    
W33cw Democritus Racing Team combustion waiting GR    
W34cw FS KPI combustion waiting UA    
W35cw Campus Motorsport Hannover combustion waiting DE    
W36cw Rennteam MVIT combustion waiting IN    
W37cw T.U.Iasi Racing combustion waiting RO    
W38cw CULS Prague Formula Racing combustion waiting CZ    
W39cw VIA Hunters Racing combustion waiting DK    
W40cw TU-Sofia Racing Team combustion waiting BG    
W41cw TEIWM Racing combustion waiting GR    
W42cw FCT Formula Student combustion waiting PT    
W43cw Herkules Racing Team combustion waiting DE A3cs  
W44cw UMD Racing e.V. combustion waiting DE A9cs  
W45cw HAWKS Racing combustion waiting DE A11cs  
W46cw Global Formula Racing combustion waiting US B2cs  
W47cw Formula Technion combustion waiting IL D2cs  
W48cw FaSTDa Racing combustion waiting DE W5cw > B2cs  
W49cw Raftar Formula Racing combustion waiting IN W6cw > D2cs  
W50cw OMR UniBs Motorsport combustion waiting IN W8cw > A12cs  
W51cw Dynamis PRC combustion waiting IT W19cw  
W52cw RUB Motorsport combustion waiting DE W22cw  
W53cw Formula Manipal combustion waiting IN W23cw  
W54cw HSNR Racing combustion waiting DE W23cw  
W55cw UJI Motorsport combustion waiting ES W26cw  
W56cw THM Motorsport combustion waiting DE W27cw  
W57cw AGH Racing combustion waiting PL W28cw  
W58cw F-Bee combustion waiting TR W29cw  
W59cw UPT Racing Team combustion waiting RO W30cw  
W60cw Formule ETS combustion waiting CA W32cw  
W61cw ESTACA Formula Team combustion waiting FR    
W62cw Poliba Corse combustion waiting IT    
W63cw Pravega Racing combustion waiting IN    
W64cw UniNa Corse-Squadra corse Federico II di Napoli combustion waiting IT    
W65cw WUT Racing combustion waiting PL    
W66cw PWR Racing Team combustion waiting PL    
W67cw UVigo Motorsport combustion waiting ES    
W68cw FSB Racing Team combustion waiting HR    
W69cw HAN Formula Student combustion waiting NL    
W70cw Os.Car Racing Team combustion waiting AT    
Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
W1ew Revolve NTNU electric waiting NO waiting-confirmed  63
W2ew TUW Racing electric waiting AT waiting-confirmed  41
W3ew AMZ Racing electric waiting CH waiting-confirmed  33
W4ew Chalmers Formula Studen electric waiting SE    
W5ew Raceyard E electric waiting DE    
W6ew municHMotorsport electric waiting DE    
W7ew e-Tech Racing electric waiting ES    
W8ew eMotorsports Cologne electric waiting DE    
W9ew TUfast e-Technology electric waiting DE    
W10ew Schanzer Racing Electric electric waiting DE    
W11ew Green Voltage Racing electric waiting DE    
W12ew Formula Electric Belgium electric waiting BE    
W13ew StarkStrom Augsburg electric waiting DE    
W14ew Deefholt Dynamics electric waiting DE    
W15ew HofSpannung Motorsport e.V. electric waiting DE    
W16ew Evolution Racing Team Saar e.V. electric waiting DE    
W17ew Strohm und Söhne electric waiting DE    
W18ew WHZ Racing Team electric waiting DE    
W19ew Ignition-Racing Team electric electric waiting DE    
W20ew Running Snail Racing Team electric waiting DE    
W21ew E.Stall Esslingen electric waiting DE    
W22ew eRacing electric waiting ES    
W23ew Squadra Corse PoliTO electric waiting IT    
W24ew E-Motion Rennteam Aalen electric waiting DE    
W25ew Sapienza Fast Charge electric waiting IT    
W26ew Team Ojas electric waiting IN    
W27ew Bremergy e.V. electric waiting DE    
W28ew SDU Vikings electric waiting DK    
W29ew Kaiserslautern Racing Team electric waiting DE    
W30ew KTH Formula Student electric waiting SE    
W31ew Bern Formula Student electric waiting CH    
W32ew Formula Manipal Electric electric waiting IN    
W33ew Axlr8r Formula Racing electric waiting IN    
W34ew E-Team Duisburg-Essen e.V. electric waiting DE    
W35ew ISEL Formula Student – Electric electric waiting PT    
W36ew Technikum Mittweida Motorsport electric waiting DE    
W37ew BGR electric waiting IL    
W38ew Formula Electric MADI electric waiting RU    
W39ew ION Racing electric waiting NO    
W40ew Lions Racing Team electric waiting DE    
W41ew VUB Racing electric waiting BE    
W42ew Team wob-racing. electric waiting DE    
W43ew Speeding Scintists Siegen e.V. electric waiting DE    
W44ew EstaCars electric waiting FR    
W45ew Blue Flash Mobility Concepts electric waiting DE    
W46ew ISAT Formula Team electric waiting FR    
W47ew Team Spark electric waiting IS    
W48ew SKYLINE RACING electric waiting IN    
W49ew CURE Mannheim electirc waiting DE ABCD6es  
W50ew BRS Motorsport electric waiting DE W5ew  
W51ew Elbflorace electric waiting DE    
W52ew Elefant Racing e.V. electric waiting DE    
Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
W1dw Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. driverless waiting DE waiting-confirmed  499
W2dw GreenTeam Driverless Uni Stuttgart driverless waiting DE    
W3dw KTH Formua Student Driverless driverless waiting SE    
W4dw AMZ driverless driverless waiting CH    
W5dw Fast Forest Ghostdriver driverless waiting DE    
W6dw Team Starcraft Driverless driverless waiting DE    
W7dw municHMotorsport driverless waiting DE    
W8dw Firenze Race Team driverless waiting IT    
W9dw StarkStrom Driverless driverless waiting DE    
W10dw HorsePower Hannover Driverless driverless waiting DE    
W11dw AGH Racing Driverless driverless waiting PL    
W12dw E-Motion Rennteam Aalen e.V. Driverless driverless waiting DE    
W13dw Formula Technion Driverless driverless waiting IL D1ds  
Out of competition
Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
joanneum racing graz combustion out AT A5cs  
Road Arrow combustion out RS C8cs  
Formula Student Oulu combustion out FI W2cw > A10cs  
Bodensee Racing Team combustion out DE W9cw > B2cs  
Aixtreme Racing combustion out DE W12cw  
High Speed Karlsruhe combustion out DE W10cw > D2cs  
Mainfranken Racing e.V. combustion out DE W15cw  
UBRacing combustion out GB W20cw  
Akademische Motorsportgruppe Darmstadt combustion out DE W24cw  
Oxford Brookes Racing combustion out GB W17cw  
UH Racing combustion out GB W18cw  
Centaurus Racing Team combustion out GR W31cw  
Cukurova Racing combustion out TR W33cw  
KEFO Motorsport combustion out HU W15cw  
RIT Racing combustion out US B1cs  
Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
e-gnition Hamburg electric out DE W10cw > A6es  
Global Formula Racing electric out DE B2cs > W18ew  
e-Traxx Düsseldorf electric out DE W3ew  
FST Lisboa electric out PT W2ew  
Team Starcraft e.V. electric out DE W6ew  
Reg. Order Team name Type Status Country Original list Car nr.
Chalmers Formula Student Driverless driverless out SE ABCD1ds  
The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion