FS East Charity

FS East Charity - Offer a shirt and help the world

Offer a shirt, support our campaign!

In the world of Formula Student, t-shirts count as relics that team members, organisers and sponsors exchange after competitions, however sometimes the shirts you have the eyes for are passed along at the farewell party before you could say “let’s swap tees”. FS East is initiating a charity project based on this tradition which enables the participants to get their hands on the desired shirt by supporting a good cause.

We ask you to donate some of your 2017 team shirts to be exhibited at the venue of FS East along with official and sponsor shirts, and offered for sale. Gross proceeds of the project will go to charity, supporting the education of hearing impaired students of the following institutions:

School for the Deaf - Budapest

The Budapest based institution is involved in an international program called ACCESS Project which aims to provide a high level of computer training for the hearing impaired students helping their integration into the labour market. The computer drafter training qualifies the students to be able to create various 2D drawings and 3D models in CAD.

School for the Deaf - Szeged

The school of Szeged provides hearing impaired students and youngsters with learning disabilities two and four year vocational trainings as a part of their secondary education. The graduating students are able to acquire qualifications as computer technicians, drafters or data recorders.

The representatives of the two institutions will kindly share more information at the exhibitors area through the weekend.

The main focus of the Association behind FS East is education and helping students to become great professionals through acquiring practical knowledge, therefore cooperating with these two organisations is actually in accordance with our mission.

FS East is going to offer 10 t-shirts altogether that you also have the chance to take home including Executive Committee, Judge, Scrutineer, Track Marshal and Event Support uniforms.

You can acquire the donated t-shirts in the Event Control any time during the four days of the event.

If your team would like to join our campaign, write us to [email protected] and give us the number and size of t-shirts that you’d give away (preferred sizes: M-L-XL). You don’t have to be a participant of FS East 2017 to get involved, all offerings are highly welcomed and appreciated!

Thank you! (;

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion