Accommodation 2019

The FS East Camp is not only an accommodation but also a social place where you can make new connections and recharge after a long day. Hurry up and start your booking session for the accommodation 😉

The campsite is built at Zalaegerszeg, approx. 3.5 km away from the Zala ZONE Automotive Proving Ground. The FS East Camp is able to provide accommodation for all participating team members.


Nights are able to be booked at the FS East Camp for the following dates:

  • 16th July - DAY 0
  • 17th July - DAY 1
  • 18th July - DAY 2
  • 19th July - DAY 3
  • 20th July - DAY 4
  • 21st July - DAY 5

Price and payment

The accommodation costs 13 EUR/person/night including VAT and all additional taxes. You can book the whole team’s accommodation at once by filling out our form. Based on the data provided here we’re going to send you a pro forma invoice that should be payed in 8 days by bank transfer (before arrival at the latest). In case you have any questions regarding the payment, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

FS East Camp opens at 8:00 AM (CEST 8:00) on Tuesday,
16th July and you should leave the campsite until noon (CEST 12:00) on Monday, 22nd July.

Moving in and out of the campsite is managed in accordance with the event's schedule:
16th July - Tuesday |8:00 - 20:00 - Campsite Check-in & Moving in to the FS East Camp
17th July - Wednesday 8:00 - 20:00 - Campsite Check-in & Moving in to the FS East Camp
22nd July - Monday | until 12:00 -  Moving out of the FS East Camp

The campsite registration is managed at the Ticket Center of the event site, where the wristbands
are handed out as well. You'll be able to access the campsite with wristbands only, where the logistics
team will guide you to your designated parcel.



Campsite location: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hatházi str. 87-90. (GPS: 46.891137, 16.790835)

About FS East Camp


You’ll have to bring your own tents to the Camp. The whole area designated for camping will be separated to parcels to ensure the building and logistic process on the site. Every parcel is approx. 200 square meters which can be suitable for a whole team. In case you have special requests regarding your parcels (you are coming with a caravan or camper) or plan to bring some special equipment along, please let us know about it in advance.


We're going to provide several energy islands at the campsite that you'll be able to connect to with your own extension cords to use electric devices. The power system of the campsite is designed to supply 1x16 A / team. If you might need more power, you'll be able to use the Fun & Grill area's supply or bring your own - please indicate both in the accommodation booking form.

Food & Cooking

You'll be able to purchase food and drinks at the catering tent during the day until the event site closes, and we also prepare with snacks and a bar at the FS East Camp. The nearest grocery stores are located in the city of Zalaegerszeg, a 10 minute drive from the campsite. Using open fire for cooking is restricted to the premises of the Fun & Grill area, however electric cooking devices can be operated (with extra care) at your own tents as well.


We’re going to provide separate bathroom containers with showers for female and male participants. All facilities are cleaned several times a day.




Only participants and officials are allowed to enter the premises of the camp that our security guards check all times. They’re also going to secure the place at night so you’re able to turn to them if you face any issue.


The car park is located right next to the campsite. In case you'd like to sleep in a camper/caravan, you'll be directed to a designated area where you're able to settle for the night and use the car for transportation during the day as well.

Team Guests

You can bring your fans to FS East to cheer for you! We provide free entrance for all four days of the event to pre-registered team guests. In case they'd like to camp with the team, you have to include them in your reservation.


The campsite is the place for chilling and having fun. Alcoholic drinks are allowed only after the event day closes, and exclusively on the premises of the FS East Camp. However it can’t affect your participation at the event site on the next day. Alcoholic beverages are still BANNED from the event site and we’re taking it very seriously for your own safety!


We plan to provide shuttle buses for transportation between the campsite and the event venue in the mornings and late afternoons. Please indicate in you're booking whether your team would use the service.

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion