Logging in

Please use your previously sent login credentials to log in to your account. After a successful log in you will be redirected to your profile, where you can edit all of your previously given data. Please make sure you are logging in with the correct credentials.

Previous year's user profiles has been deleted. Please create your team profile for the 2018 season after the team registration has opened - January 9th. For further details please look up our Rules & Important documents page to check the Registration rules.

If you are not satisfied with your generated password you can also change this on your profile under password change tab.
In case you are not familiar with your login credentials, feel free to use password recovery, where you have to add your registered e-mail address or your username. If you can not remember them, contact us at [email protected] 😉

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The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion