FS EAST 2018 - Team and event registration

Team & Event registration

The first step of our registration process is to register your team with a valid team profile - all the necessary details must be up to date according to your team's present season status.

After a successful team registration you can start the event registration process according to the event registration rules.

The event registration starts on Monday, 22nd of January 17:00 CET.
For the event registration procedure the quiz links will be published here. To answer the quiz you will need your team registration login credentials (username and password).

Create a team profile

Your first step of event registration is creating your team profile! You will be able to register your team at 9th of January, 2018 from 22:00 CET. A valid team profile is required for the event registration. Previous year's registrations are emptied from the system! Stay tuned and check the timer!


Time left until team registration

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion