Event registration – Period 1 preliminary results

Event registration Period 1

Posted by on January 18, 2017

In 2017 we announced 40 combustion and 20 electric slots for teams from all over the world.
Overall 119 teams have participated in the event registration process.
You’ve actually doubled our expectations, thank you for your enthusiasm! (:

The top teams of FS East 2016 – CAT-Racing (DE), High Octane Motorsports e.V. (DE) and BME Formula Racing Team (HU)- have been invited to join us again due to their great performance.
Another 116 teams have completed the quiz successfully.

The Eastern part of Europe was represented by 37 teams, registering from Russia (9), Greece (5), Czech Republic (4), Hungary (3), Poland (4), Croatia (3), Romania (2), Ukraine (2) Estonia (1), Serbia (1), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (1) and Turkey (1).

The quiz was submitted by 42 teams from Germany, while 9 registrations came from Italy and 4 from Spain. We have also got participants from Finland (3), France (3), Austria (2), Switzerland (2), the United Kingdom (2), Belgium (1), Netherlands (1) and Norway (1).

An additional 9 teams have registered from out of Europe, from India (5), Israel (2), Canada (1) and the United States (1).

As for the categories, 77 combustion and 42 electric teams have registered to compete at FS East 2017.

Welcome to FS East guys! You’ve been great with solving the quiz. (:


The results below reflect the current status of the registration – 18th January, 2017 19:45 CET.
THIS TABLE WON’T BE UPDATED AFTERWARDS! The actual registration list is available on our
Registered teams page, that we’re updating when any changes occur.

Region A starter list

Definition of region A: Countries of the following list: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
A1csKA-RaceIng combustionstarterDE 
A2csTUfast Racing Team Comustion combustionstarterDE 
A3csFSUPV Team combustionstarterES 
A4csSouthampton University Formula Student Team combustionstarterGB 
A5csFormula Student Team Weingarten combustionstarterDE 
A6csRace UP Combustion combustionstarterIT 
A7csHTW Berlin Motorsport combustionstarterDE 
A8csUJI Motorsport FS Team combustionstarterES 
A9csAkademische Motorsportgruppe Darmstadt e.V. combustionstarterDE 
A10csHerkules Racing Team combustionstarterDE 
A11csFormula Student Oulu combustionstarterFI 
A12csUMD Racing combustionstarterDE 
A13csRUB Motorsport combustionstarterDE 
A14csUPM Racing combustionstarterES 
A1esMetropolia Motorsport electricstarterFI 
A2esKA-RaceIng e.V. electricstarterDE 
A3eseMotorsports Cologne electricstarterDE 
A4esAMZ Racing Team electricstarterCH 
A5ese-gnition Hamburg electricstarterDE 
A6esTUfast Racing Team e-Technology electricstarterDE 
A7esFormula Student Team Delft electricstarterNL 

Region B starter list

Definition of region B: Countries in standard time zones from -1 to -12 (international date line).

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
B1csRIT Racing combustionstarterUS 
B2cs  combustionstarter  
B1es  electricstarter  

Region C starter list

Definition of region C: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
C1csArrabona Racing Team combustionstarterHU 
C2csKEFO Motorsport combustionstarterHU 
C3csYTU Racing combustionstarterTR 
C4csTU Brno Racing combustionstarterCZ 
C5csFormula TU Ostrava combustionstarterCZ 
C6csRoad Arrow combustionstarterRS 
C7csCentaurus Racing Team combustionstarterGR 
C8csPolytech North Capital Motorsport combustionstarterRU 
C9csFormula Dream Russia Moscow combustionstarterRU 
C10csProm Racing combustionstarterGR 
C11csUNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering combustionstarterSI 
C12csAGH Racing Team combustionstarterPL 
C13csCTU CarTech combustionstarterCZ 
C14csFSB Racing Team combustionstarterHR 
C1esUoP Racing Team electricstarterGR 
C2eseForce FEE Prague Formula electricstarterCZ 
C3esAristotle University Racing Team Electric – Aristurtle electricstarterGR 
C4esSTUBA Green Team electricstarterSK 
C5esFS Team Tallinn electricstarterEE 
C6esFormula Electric MADI electricstarterRU 
C7es  electricstarter  

Region D starter list

Definition of region D: Countries in standard time zones from 0 to +12 (international date line), except countries of region A and C.

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
D1csFormula Technion combustionstarterIL 
D2csBGR combustionstarterIL 
D1esAdhira racing electricstarterIN 

ABCD starter list

An additional joint list from list A, B, C and D.

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
ABCD1csCAT – Racing combustionstarter – preregDE 
ABCD2csHigh Octane Motorsport e.V. combustionstarter – preregDE 
ABCD3csEcurie Piston Sport Auto combustionstarterFR 
ABCD4csHAWKS Racing e. V. combustionstarterDE 
ABCD5csRennstall Esslingen combustionstarterDE 
ABCD6csBaltic Racing combustionstarterDE 
ABCD7csRennteam Uni Stuttgart combustionstarterDE 
ABCD8csUniBo Motorsport combustionstarterIT 
ABCD1esBME Formula Racing Team electricstarter – preregHU 
ABCD2esTU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. electricstarterDE 
ABCD3esTeam Starcraft e.V. electricstarterDE 
ABCD4esTUW Racing – Rennteam der TU Wien electricstarterAT 

Global waiting list

Reg. OrderTeam nameTypeStatusCountryOriginal list
W1cwFaSTTUBe combustionwaitingDE 
W2cwSapienza Corse combustionwaitingIT 
W3cwATHENE RacingTeam e.V. combustionwaitingDE 
W4cwUPBracing Team e.V. combustionwaitingDE 
W5cwFaSTDa Racing combustionwaitingDE 
W6cwRaftar Formula Racing combustionwaitingIN 
W7cwOWL Racing-Team combustionwaitingDE 
W8cwScuderia Tor Vergata combustionwaitingIT 
W9cwTampere UAS Motorsport combustionwaitingFI 
W10cwVULKAN MOTORSPORTS combustionwaitingIN 
W11cwMetz Racing Team combustionwaitingFR 
W12cwUniPR Racing team combustionwaitingIT 
W13cwFSRUDN combustionwaitingRU 
W14cwWUT Racing Team combustionwaitingPL 
W15cwPolSl Racing combustionwaitingPL 
W16cwTEIWM Racing Team combustionwaitingGR 
W17cwFesb racing team combustionwaitingHR 
W18cwRiteh Racing Team combustionwaitingHR 
W19cwVulkan Motorsports combustionwaitingIN 
W20cwFS_USURT combustionwaitingRU 
W21cwUdG Racing Team combustionwaitingES 
W22cwCampus Motorsport Hannover combustionwaitingDE 
W23cwTogliatti Racing Team combustionwaitingRU 
W24cwOS.Car Racing Team combustionwaitingAT 
W25cwDynamisPRC combustionwaitingIT 
W26cwFormula Racing Miskolc combustionwaitingHU 
W27cwSHUKHOV RACING TEAM combustionwaitingRU 
W28cwUniBS Motorsport combustionwaitingIT 
W29cwTeam Hare combustionwaitingGB 
W30cwPGRacing Team combustionwaitingPL 
W31cwT.U.Iasi Racing Team combustionwaitingRO 
W32cwUPT Racing Team combustionwaitingRO 
W33cwPegasus Racing combustionwaitingIN 
W34cwFormula Student MADI combustionwaitingRU 
W35cwAMIGO Team combustionwaitingRU 
W36cwFS KPI combustionwaitingUA 
W37cwFormula Student ONPU combustionwaitingUA 
W38cwOrion Racing India combustionwaitingIN 
W1ewEcurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W2ewLions Racing Team e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W3ewGreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W4ewDeefholt Dynamics electricwaitingDE 
W5ewDelta Racing Mannheim electricwaitingDE 
W6ewRunning Snail Racing Team electricwaitingDE 
W7ewFast Charge electricwaitingIT 
W8ewFormula Electric Belgium electricwaitingBE 
W9ewRacetech Racing Team electricwaitingDE 
W10ewHorsePower Hannover electricwaitingDE 
W11ews3racing electricwaitingDE 
W12ewRevolve NTNU electricwaitingNO 
W13ewGreen Voltage Racing e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W14ewE-Team Duisburg-Essen e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W15ewStarkStrom Augsburg e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W16ewBern Formula Student electricwaitingCH 
W17ewKaiserslautern Racing Team – KaRaT electricwaitingDE 
W18ewStrohm + Söhne e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W19ewWHZ Racing Team electricwaitingDE 
W20ewElbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W21ewRaceUP Electric electricwaitingIT 
W22ewHofSpannung Motorsport e.V. electricwaitingDE 
W23ewBremergy electricwaitingDE 
W24ewEstaCars electricwaitingFR 

The remaining open slots on List B-c, List B-e and List C-e could be filled by teams from region B and C until 21st of January 23:59:59 CET. After that the top teams on List W-c and List W-e will earn these starter slots.

The positions will finalise only after the teams confirm their intent of participation, therefore waiting list teams have the opportunity to get in in the next couple of weeks. (:

The event is organized by the Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Associasion